Wooden pautiks made from western red cedar and yellow cedar are very light . At 3000 strokes per hour, every gram counts. I like the feel and look and tradition of wood. The wood I use is old-growth western red cedar from a local Vancouver Island sawmill. Old growth cedar has 20 – 60 rings per inch which makes it stronger, harder and more stable than second growth wood. The wood is graded ‘Clear Heart’ which means that it is all heart wood with no sap wood. The grain must be vertical and straight with no hint of a knot. Only a small percentage of the wood milled from any tree meets these criteria.

pautik blank wrc


I make traditional rounded ends because they are less likely to chip. I add cherry or yellow cedar tips and edges for a more durable and interesting look. Hardwood dowels add strength to the mortise and tenon joint. 

RW Paddle Loon 1


I work to a tolerance of 1 mm or less and measure, weigh and balance each paddle to unsure balance, symmetry and uniformity before the sanding stage.

The finish on the paddles is 3 coats of tung oil and spar varnish.

 pautik blank