The Chinese Expedition of 1421 Apparently Came to Vancouver Island

The article below is copied from Forbidden TV. The Chinese expedition of 1491 played a role in the west coast of Canada. Chinese coins have been found in the Broughton Group, north-east of Vancouver Island, that have been dated at 600 years old. Steel has been used by natives on the coast for at least 500 years. Many people are convinced that some of that steel was brought here by the Chinese. 

On March 8, 1421, the largest fleet 
the world had ever seen sailed from 
its base in China. The ships, huge 
junks nearly five hundred feet long 
and built from the finest teak, were 
under the command of Emperor Zhu Di's 
loyal eunuch admirals. Their mission 
was "to proceed all the way to the end 
of the Earth to collect tribute from the 
barbarians beyond the seas" and unite 
the whole world in Confucian harmony. 
Their journey would last more than 
two years and circle the globe.


When they returned in October 1423, 

the emperor had fallen, leaving China 
in political and economic chaos. 
The great ships, now considered frivolous, 
were left to rot at their moorings.
This fascinating documentary examines 
the mystery surrounding the sailing exploits 
of the legendary Admiral Zhen He and his 
30-year command of a gigantic Ming fleet. 
The Chinese court burned all records of 
Admiral Zhen He's daring voyages and 
achievements, and unwittingly created a 
mystery that tantalizes the world 500 
years later.  
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