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“This guy is one of the best paddle makers and skin on frame kayak builders out there, a true artisan. While holding on to traditional designs he is tireless at exploring new ideas and directions. I have tried some of the larger paddle makers products but was sold on his Greenland and Aleut paddles. Check him out.” Noel Sharpe

I like to think of myself as a reasonably competent woodworker and material technologist, but every once in a while it’s nice to be inspired by a true craftsman hard at work….! RainshadowCoast

I purchased a custom Greenland paddle from RavenWoods last summer and I have to say that it has exceeded my needs in every way. This is not the first Greenland blade I have owned … it is actually the fourth, my first blade was a yellow cedar one. I liked it enough to know I wanted to paddle with a stick, but the blade had too much flex and was actually heavier than I wanted. So then I decided I would go and try a carbon fibre blade which I really like. It was stiff,  light and very responsive to my needs but it scratched very easily, was very slippery in the hands and well not as comfortable or as warm as the wooden paddles. Last year I decided I would go back to wood and order a blade from RavenWoods … man was I glad I did. I ordered a custom blade red cedar with cherry edges and a yew tip. The blade was light, extremely responsive, strong and durable. I like to paddle amid at the rocks and shore line and always seem to be raking rocks and barnacles with my blade. My RavenWoods paddle was more durable than my carbon fibre blade. It had fewer scratches, nicks and marks. The blade was extremely stiff, light and responsive. The loom was perfect .. very comfortable and warm to paddle with. I cannot say enough about the beauty, quality and responsiveness of the blade. It is for me the perfect tool in my quiver of paddles with the added bonus of being a working piece of art. Thank you Gerhardt for such a great blade. I would recommend RavenWoods paddles to anyone who is looking to get into Greenland paddling or for the die-hard Greenlander that is looking to expand their quiver of blades. Brad Helmig

“The Tulugaaq is incredible and still growing on me. I love the feel of it when in the water. Pleasantly Surprised to find that it is light and easy to carry.” Joan

“We just completed a workshop with Gerhardt on a cool fall day on the west coast.  This was not our first exposure to rolling instruction.  It was our 4th and so we arrived with no big expectations. We were a group of four – a perfect size for teaching and learning and were ecstatic when early on we realized that Gerhardt is exceptionally knowledgable.  He came well-prepared, delivered a great program over the day and was able to take us all to the next level. He did this with great respect for the individual and for the learning process.  In so doing, he clearly embraced the moments where teachers become learners.  We worked with traditional learning aids and ones unique from Gerhard’t workshop that were effective and fun to work with.  There was also a selection of his Ravenwood paddles and SOF (Skin-on-frame) kayaks that we were most welcome to try.  Gerhardt is passionate about teaching, so generous with his knowledge in all things Greenland and a lot of fun to learn from. Thank you Gerhardt.  We hope to be on the water with you again soon!”  – Joan and John Jones 

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to build a qajaq with you. Every one loves the look of it. Been out almost every day with it. I put in a nice thick foam pad for a seat, that felt much better. Getting in and out while on the water is much easier than I thought it would be. Rolling is so nice now, just have to learn to stop hitting my head on the back deck when coming up. Larry

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to build a qajaq with you. Every one loves the look of it.
Been out almost every day with it. I put in a nice thick foam pad for a seat, that felt much better. Getting in and out while on the water is much easier than I thought it would be. Rolling is so nice now, just have to learn to stop hitting my head on the back deck when coming up. Larry

Thanks very much, Gerhardt. I especially appreciated your on land demonstration. The best explanation of Greenland rolling I have seen. Some things I didn’t realize I was doing. And I pulled off the chest sculling brace and improved my balance brace without paddle. Charles

“Awesome class, wonderful depth and understanding of learning styles and implementation. Three successful rolls after such a short time. I’m thrilled!  I want to learn more and push my limits. Thank you so very much for sharing your skills and patience. An excellent day well spent!  I’m wiped out :-)” Michael

RW paddles blanket 1 small

I am with Siska here in Victoria and tried out your demo paddle today. I really like it. It is the first Greenland paddle that has not caused my right shoulder to ache. All the previous Greenland paddles I have tried never worked out for me. I always felt like I was fighting the paddles, but not yours. It just feels right. It must be a combination of everything. Tony

Rob Wyness rolling lesson

Dryland rolling exercise – adding foot brace and knee brace

“I did a rolling lesson with Gerhard at Evening Cove. I was very impressed!
Gerhardt started with some theory and land based exercises, then onto the water.
The lesson was very well thought out going through a series of excercises leading up to the roll.
I was impressed with  Gerhardt’s  knowledge of rolling as well as his understanding of the common mistakes people make and
their concern with being upside down in a kayak.  At the end of the lesson, Gerhardt, demonstrated several rolls allowing me to see how it is done.
Thank you very much Gerhardt.”  Rob Wyness

Thank you for making great paddles Gerhardt ~ JF Marleau

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Liam 5

I’ve been using a Greenland blade for 4 years now almost exclusivly. For touring, rolling, and even white water it is incredible! Liam McNeil

Norsaqs 1

Yes, they’re beautiful! ~ John Keats



I went home for lunch to study more Tides and Currents, but my new RavenWoods Paddles arrived, so I had to take the time to unwrap it; I have to say, this thing is a serious piece of hardware. Built super tough. Can’t wait to get it on the water. Thanks Gerhardt Raven for carving this awesome paddle. Wilbur Wong

–         ” Your paddle is super buoyant and I love how easy it is to roll with it…  as it feels like there is a paddlefloat on it, because it is so buoyant.  It makes static bracing really easy for me… and will probably be used a lot for helping others to learn how to roll.
–          I love how the paddle is super robust compared to all other paddles.   I actually have to do a small repair to it, just some sanding to make sure splinters don’t come off at the ends.   No, it has nothing to do with your paddle’s durability.  Ice vs. Paddle.  Ice won.   But I did go through a couple hundred meters of ice that day and the paddle didn’t break.. just a little scratched up.   I’d say the scratches give it character.. so it’s just some sanding to remove the splinter areas. 
–          I felt that I had more speed with the larger blades on this paddle vs. my Gearlabs….  And I could definitely push it if I needed to
–          In the beginning when I just got the paddle, I thought the loom was slightly narrow for me.  On the water, it felt completely fine.  
–          I don’t think I did any fancy rolls with your paddle yet.. as it is a little cold out there with 3-5C water…  but with the few standard rolls I did and the balance brace, I already know that this paddle will be an awesome addition to my quiver”
Wilbur Wong
Allan Forsyth Rolling

Gerhardt, your woodworking skills never cease to amaze me! If you weren’t in western Canada I’d be visiting for some qajaq construction lessons by now! ~ Alan Forsyth

Carter Arlette

The paddles made it safe and sound – They look absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for your hard work and craft! ~ Carter Arlette


The paddle works very well. I love it. Thank you for making great paddles Gerhardt ~ JF Marleau ( SKILS )

Kate Hives with RavenWoods Pautik

Lovin the stick for touring around Clayoquot! ~ Kate Hives ( SKILS )

Kate Hives

I love the paddle and the norsaq is beautiful!But truly the redneck paddle sock is my fav!!! ~ Kate Hives


Roy Scully with his new RavenWoods Paddle


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