Shop Rules

Running a workshop to build qayaqs is a demanding task and can be a daunting responsibility. Being a student in a workshop, learning to build a qayaq for the first time and ‘fitting in’ to the setting and process can be challenging. I have seen this go very well and I have seen it go ‘off the rails’. I have discussed this with a number of people, one of whom spent 40 years running a boat building business. They support the following list of shop rules.


1/ My shop. My rules. Please respect my space. 

2/ Safety is important. Get enough sleep. Use your safety glasses, dust mask and hearing protection. Focus on the task.
3/ No smoking on the property. No excuses.
4/ No alcohol or drugs during work hours. Full consciousness is required.
5/ Guests may not work in the shop alone without permission.
6/ Do not talk to someone who is operating a power tool except to prevent injury or accident.
7/ Abusive or foul language is not acceptable.
8/ Double check all measurements.
9/ If you need something to do see #8, sweep the floor, sharpen hand tools, or just observe and think about the next step.
10/ If you feel like arguing please take a long walk until you feel better.
      Repeat as needed.
11/ No rush jobs. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
12/ Be positive and respectful. Almost all problems can be resolved.
13/ If you want to vary from my specs, I reserve the option to request drawings and written specifications.
14/ Study the orientation material. Know the names of the tools and the parts of a qayaq.
15/ Have fun and create something you are proud of.