Review of the RavenWoods Tulugaaq 18 Rolling Qajaq

“The Tulugaaq is incredible and still growing on me. I love the feel of it when in the water. Pleasantly Surprised to find that it is light and easy to carry, and so very satisfying to walk with it on my shoulder and hike to the water.” Joan

“It rolls well…” & Wet Exit

I have put hundreds of hours of research and experimentation into getting the design and construction of the Tulugaaq right. No one has ‘writtten the book’ on this. I had to figure it out myself from multiple sources.

I tried an experiment last week to get a better polyurethane finish on the ballistic nylon skin. Anyone who has ever ‘gooped’ an SOF will understand the problems involved. The experiment was a great success.
I can now do a polyurethane finish with no drips, curtain sags, foam piles or stickiness and have it ready to paddle the next day. I can now create a soft satin finish rather than a glossy finish. I can now create a rolling kayak that is just as leak proof as a composite kayak. I am now ready to take the next step and build multiple rolling qajaqs in a workshop.

baidarka skin small