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IMG_9373 The Small Print

  • Prices are in Canadian ( Cdn) dollars.
  • As of February 2016 ,100 Cdn = 69 USD = 63 Euros
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  • Paddle price does not include shipping. I can usually ship two paddles for the same price as one paddle.
  • Import duties may be charged outside of Canada and they are the responsibility of the buyer. I have no control over import duties.
  • The paddle weight is in the range of 800 to 1000 grams. 1000 grams = 1kg = 2.2 pounds.
  • These are wooden hand made paddles. Every one is slightly different.

RW Standard Greenland Paddle 1All paddles come with a Red- Neck,  Buffalo-Plaid Paddle Sock. Love your paddle. Keep it in a sock.

Armoured paddle one pieceRW Paddle Loon 1








Red Cedar and Black Cherry Greenland Paddle (Pautik) – $220 Cdn

This is a standard all purpose touring and rolling paddle. Black cherry tips and edges. Oval loom. Hardwood pegs in tips for enhanced strength. Hardwood edges are durable and sharp for a quieter paddle. Finished with tung oil and spar varnish and lots of love.

Greenland Paddle - Fully Laminated

Greenland Paddle – Fully Laminated $260 Cdn

Same as above except that the core of the paddle is made of 7 pieces of wood laminated together. The core lamination is yellow cedar for beauty and strength.

Greenland Paddle - Two Piece

Greenland Paddle – Full Laminated – Two Piece – $360 Cdn

Same as above with the addition of a carbon fibre ferrule so the paddle can be separated for storage, travel and stowing on the deck. The centre lamination is yellow cedar for extra strength. The outside diameter of the round ferrule is 30 mm.

Rolling Padddle

Greenland Rolling Paddle – $200 Cdn

Red cedar body with yellow cedar edges. Concave profile. Shoulderless. 200 cm ( 79 in ). 30 cm (12 in) loom. Short enough to fit on the front deck as a spare paddle. Good length for rolling practice. Oval loom for positive indexing. Laminated body for stability and resistance to cracking. Some people prefer to have it slightly longer.

Storm Paddle 1

Storm Paddle – $200

The storm paddle is a shoulderless paddle with a 20 cm (16 in ) loom. Requires using a sliding stroke. Fits well on the front deck as a spare paddle that is easy to access even if you are upside down. Red cedar core with yellow cedar edges.

Aleut Paddles edit 1

Aleut Paddle horizontal Aleutian Paddle – $240 Cdn 

Red cedar loom. Yellow cedar blades. Rounded ends for optimum bite. Egg shaped loom for hand comfort. Rib for increased strength to weight ratio. About 850 grams. This is my favourite paddle for touring.




tg 1


Tulugaa Rolling Qajaq – $1500 – $2000 Cdn

A traditional skin-on-frame Greenland kayak optimized for rolling. You can make an appointment to work with me to build it in my workshop or order a completed kayak custom fitted to you.


baidarka 8

Curlew Baidarka – $1500 – $2000 Cdn

A hybrid baidarka with a low back deck. Comfortable, fast, traditional SOF craft for day tripping. Make an appointment to help build one in my shop or order a completed qayaq.



Reskinning SOF Kayak – $800 Cdn

I can reskin SOF qayaqs in my shop on Vancouver Island. I use ballistic nylon and two different formulations of polyurethane for the primer and finish coats. Refitting the frame and adding a hatch can be done for a little extra. The price includes materials and labour.


PautikPautik Sticker

Pautick Sticker – 3 for $10 including mailing

  • Waterproof
  • 3.5 inches high
  • Looks great on any kayak.

Shipping Costs



Shipping Paddles (Ground) – $60 Cdn

  • Full length paddles ( 215 cm ) must be shipped by courier rather than mail.
  • Ground courier shipping in most of North America is $60 flat rate for one or two paddles.
  • I can ship two paddles for the same price as one paddle.
  • Greyhound Air shipping to Alaska, Yukon and Europe is a flat rate $100 for one or two paddles.
  • Two-piece paddles can be shipped by Canada Post to Europe and North America for a flat rate of $60 for one or two paddles.
  • I package the paddles in a paddle sock and cardboard for shipping.

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