Greenland Paddle / Pautik

“My RavenWoods paddle was more durable than my carbon fibre blade. It had fewer scratches, nicks and marks. The blade was extremely stiff, light and responsive. The loom was perfect .. very comfortable and warm to paddle with. I cannot say enough about the beauty, quality and responsiveness of the blade. . Thank you Gerhardt for such a great blade. I would recommend RavenWoods paddles to anyone who is looking to get into Greenland paddling or for the die-hard Greenlander that is looking to expand their quiver of blades.” Brad Helmig

RW Standard Greenland Paddle 1

My standard Greenland paddles are made of old growth red cedar from Vancouver Island. I select vertical, straight grain heartwood cedar from the local sawmill. The body of the paddle is usually made of two pieces laminated together. This makes the paddle more stable and stiff. The edges and tips are black cherry which is a preferred wood for canoe paddles, boat interiors and other marine applications. Cherry tips allow the edges to be sharper which makes the paddle stroke quieter. The tips are fastened with a mortise and tenon joint and set in epoxy. I have used these paddles for many days of surfing, rock gardening and touring. They are very tough. I have never broken on while paddling

I did some destructive testing in the shop and smashed some paddles with a hammer to see how and where they broke and where the weakest point was. With extreme force, the tenon on the cherry tip forces the cedar of the core to split. The two dowels resist the splitting forces and make the paddle much stronger. The Inuit used pegs to secure paddle tips before waterproof and epoxy were available.


Quality, Performance, Tradition. Fully laminated paddles with a yellow cedar centre are beautiful piece of woodwork.

Paulo Ouellet from Comfort Paddling talks about selecting a paddle.

Paddling Isla Carmen with Aleut paddle and storm paddle. Quality, Performance, Tradition.


Aleut Paddle 1

Aleut paddle – red and yellow cedar



A storm paddle fits on the front deck. If I find myself upside down without a paddle my spare paddle is ready to roll.


Kid’s Jedi Light Sabre Paddle – one piece. Kids need paddle too.



Inuit kayakers from Siberia to Greenland tested and perfected the design of these paddles over a period of about 6000 years.The Inuit called a Greenland paddle a pautik (pow-tic). It translates literally to ‘double’ which refers to the double blades opposed to the single blades of canoe paddles used further south. Some people call them sticks.

Why Greenland Paddles?

Greenland paddles are kind to the hands and shoulders. You can move your hands and extend the paddle for powerful sweep strokes and braces. You can practise the 35 braces, sculls and rolls in the Greenland rolling competition. I use them for long touring trips, When you master the forward stroke with a Greenland paddle, it raises kayaking to a new level of grace and efficiency.

Here is why two prominent kayakers use Greenland paddles.

Jesse Pictou on Greenland Paddles