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Join Gerhardt and Wolfgang for a week of kayaking in the Broken Islands on the wild west coast of British Columbia, Canada. This trip is for spiritually educated seekers who want the company of like-minded people. It is for people who want to consciously deepen their connection to nature.

Trip Dates: 2017 July 9 – 13   —-  2017 July 26 – 31


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A new world and a new paradigm is emerging. Those who embrace the new paradigm are enthusiastic, curious, open minded critical thinkers engaging their hearts and minds and spirits in exploring new ideas and new information. They are connecting the dots and stepping out of the Grand Illusion. They are learning from ancient knowledge and traditions and embrace a healthier relationship with Gaia and with Spirit.Barkley Gerhardt Aleut Paddle 2

If you would like to spend your kayaking holiday with like minded people …. if you enjoy the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Wilcock, Graham Hancock and Regina Merideth and watch … if you embrace indigenous wisdom, then this is the kayak trip for you.

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Spend six days exploring the wilds of the Broken Islands National Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The trip will be led by Gerhardt and Wolfgang. Gerhardt is a very experienced kayak guide, outdoors man and explorer of the new paradigm. Wolf is a certified instructor of the Flower Of Life teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek and a student of Inca shamans. Gerhardt will be guiding the trip, showing you the wildlife and preparing the meals.

1468266967 image image2Wolfgang will be leading rituals and ceremonies:

Connecting with your spirit guides
Connecting with your spirit animals
The four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Learning to communicate through the heart with the sea life

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The Broken Group Islands , a unit of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, are a cluster of about 100 islands in Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The natural beauty, cultural and environmental significance of this location led to Parks Canada declaring The Broken Group Islands a protected area in early 1970’s. The West Coast Trail and Long Beach make up the other two units of the park.

It is a truly magical experience to sea kayak in the lagoons and small, intimate harbors created by several small islands, hopping from one small group to another. These inner islands are home to a rich and vibrant selection of marine life, not seen in other areas along the coast.

The outer Islands are more exposed to the full force of west coast storms, which over time have created caves and blow holes. Wouwer Island is home to colonies of California and Stellar sea lions, which can be heard roaring from the distance.

The midden beaches and other archaeological remnants show evidence of first nations people Barkley ochre stars 1inhabiting and gathering food in this area for as long as 4,000 years. There is a reason why these islands are talked about the world over as a sea kayaking and sailing destination. Come, take your adventure vacation to this great area.



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