Greenland Rolling Workshops

I run several Greenland rolling workshops in the spring and fall on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. I work with four students at a time so that I have sufficient one-on-one time with each student. I always bring a selection of my qajaqs and paddles for people to try out. I don’t pretend to be a rolling guru. I do pay a lot of attention to the learning process, exercises you can do on your own and how to help people move to the next step.

I only charge for travel expenses. Tips are welcome. I do it for the fun of working with fellow kayakers and the infectious enthusiasm of the sport. It is a great workout and a mental challenge. Being able to roll in rough water makes kayaking a safer and more interesting sport.

Check the Events Page for scheduled workshops. 

Here is a testimonial from a participant that explains how it works:

“We just completed a workshop with Gerhardt on a cool fall day on the west coast. This was not our first exposure to rolling instruction. It was our 4th and so we arrived with no big expectations. We were a group of four – a perfect size for teaching and learning and were ecstatic when early on we realized that Gerhardt is exceptionally knowledgable. He came well-prepared, delivered a great program over the day and was able to take us all to the next level. He did this with great respect for the individual and for the learning process. In so doing, he clearly embraced the moments where teachers become learners. We worked with traditional learning aids and ones unique from Gerhard’t workshop that were effective and fun to work with. There was also a selection of his Ravenwood paddles and SOF (Skin-on-frame) kayaks that we were most welcome to try. Gerhardt is passionate about teaching, so generous with his knowledge in all things Greenland and a lot of fun to learn from. Thank you Gerhardt. We hope to be on the water with you again soon!” – Joan and John Jones

Static brace Tulugaq 1 wm