Greenland Rolling: Buoyancy and Side Sculling

This video demonstrates the value of side sculling in rough water: 

Here is a copy of a recent dialog from the QajaqUSA Greenland Forum. 


I hear you saying that you find it difficult to do a static brace in a touring kayak even though it works fine in your Tahe. Ditto.

I am amazed whenever I find someone who can do a static brace in a touring kayak. 
A static brace with or without a paddle works fine in my Tahe or either of my SOF qajaqs. 
When I try that in any touring kayak I sink like a rock no matter how much I work on the correct posture. 
I have come to the conclusion that some people have a lot more buoyancy than I do and that the static brace works much better for women who have a different weight distribution. 
My other conclusion is that I have to do a sculling brace in a touring kayak rather than a static brace…I need that extra lift.

When I am teaching rolling, I start people out in the side sculling brace. They usually bring a touring kayak to the lesson and trying to get them to do a static brace is usually futile and frustrating. It's not fair to a student to demonstrate something in a Tahe and expect them to repeat the move in a touring kayak that was not designed for that job.

My other conclusion is that flotation is a key part of rolling that is seldom discussed. I think my bones are made of lead because I need added flotation to do a lot of rolls. I wish that more rolling instructors would acknowledge that issue. I have been to lessons where the instructor wore a fleece suit, dry suit and neoprene tuilik and bobbed on the water like a cork while I could take a full breath and sink to the bottom and stay there. I am tempted to buy a divers buoyancy adjustment vest.


: Gehardt 
: You are spot on about the floating, I wrote an article about the importance 
: of floatations for Ocean Paddler a couple of months ago. One of my very 
: dear freinds in Minnesota has a beautiful static brace, that she can only 
: hold when six inches under water. It is perfect, but that is where she 
: floats! She would need a snorkel to last more than 30 seconds. Sculling 
: brace is the key, I think Warren Williamson best demonstrates the power of 
: the scull in his videos, invariably he rolls up into a scull, then 
: composes himself times the waves and then completes the roll. 
: Keep in rolling, and sculling, 
: CC 



Thank you for that acknowledgement! That is a point that a number of Greenland rolling instructors don't understand. 
Some people need a little buoyancy adjustment to put them 'on a level playing field'.
And please don't insult your students by expecting them to do a static brace in a touring kayak when you are demonstrating it in a Tahe.