Gerhardt Lepp – Carpentry Projects Gallery

This page is a collection of carpentry and woodworking projects done by Gerhardt.


I designed and built an eight sided cabin near the Cowichan River in 2016. The cabin is entirely off grid. It is heated with a wood stove and has R20 insulation throughout. The power system includes solar panels, batteries, a generator, a battery charger, charging regulator and LED lighting. It has a complete kitchen. I performed all aspects of the construction myself including, foundations, framing, flooring, windows, roofing, plumbing and electrical.

I assisted in the construction of 4 cabins on the Kludahk trail. The off grid cabins use a laminated arch beam frame and are built entirely with hand tools.

I built a wood heated sauna on the Malahat.


I have built a number of pieces of Morris furniture in my workshop. These chairs use ‘through tenons’ where the end of the tenon is exposed. This requires precise machining of the mortises and tenons.

A table, chairs and a carving made in my workshop.


I have designed and built several gardens on Vancouver Island. This one includes a large pond and tea house.

This project included a veranda and concrete patio.

Gardens, gates, arbours and fences I have designed and built.

Driftwood fence and small garden pond.

Painting and Refinishing



Three exterior painting jobs I have done.





This project included paneling, painting and laminate floor in a manufactured home. I built all the furniture in the photo.



I have built over 10 skin-on-frame kayaks and 150 wooden Greenland paddles. It was a wonderful education in nautical woodworking.

I built a foam kayak camper for my truck. It is foam core construction with a fiberglass exterior. It has survived two trips to Baja California and several summers of kayak guiding.

Gerhardt’s Carpentry Resume