Build Your Own Qajaq

If you want to build your own skin-on-frame qajaq but you don’t have the workshop or tools or know-how, then I may be able to help you. I can accomodate a limited number of people to join me in my workshop for a week to build a custom skin-on-frame qajaq.

Where: Lake Cowichan ( Vancouver Island ), BC, Canada
When: At a time that works for both of us.
What: See the Qajaq page for the four models I offer. We can discuss other designs.
Who: I can accomodate 1 builder at a time.
Why: For the joy of building

How much: $1500 includes all materials for a skin-on-frame kayak.

For a modest fee you can stay at our home while building a kayak.

If you are building a qajaq at home on Vancouver Island I can help you by milling the wood and making some of the parts like the combing to make it easier for you to assemble the final product.

If you are further away I can build a qajaq for you in my shop and ship the parts to you for final assembly. The longer pieces like the gunwales can be shipped in 2 metre pieces and joined with ready-made scarf joints.


Gerhardt Baidarka Portrait

Gerhardt with baidarka frame

Tulugaq skinned

Tulugaq ready for staining