Curlew Baidarka

“It is my belief that hundreds of years ago the Eskimo observed nature very closely to see what worked well, a world where everything was imbued with life and a spirit. Consequently, through observation and trial-and-error, the bidarka evolved. A craft that would be very difficult if not impossible to improve upon even with the advanced engineering principles available in today’s world.” Ralph Youngcurlew 1

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Whale kissing baidarka

An Alternative Explanation for the Bifurcated Bow

‘Of course, Bruce is not the first person to have made that observation, in 1802 William Sauer wrote: “The head of the boat is double, lower part, sharp, and the upper part flat, resembling the open mouth of a fish, but contrived thus to keep the head from sinking too deep in the water….” excerpted from An Account of a Geographical and Astronomical Expedition to the Northern Parts of Russia.’